Our Mission

Our vision for the John T Schroeder foundation is to be a source of hope, optimism and prosperity in our communities. With the good will, generosity and support of its members we are committed to creating new opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Previous Foundation Donations

Over $335,000 in charitable giving to date!

John T. Schroeder Scholarship (Endowed) – Princeton University

JTS Memorial Fund – Danvers, Massachusetts

JTS Memorial Computer Music Lab – Danvers High School, Massachusetts

Nonie Riordan Schroeder Scholarship (Endowed) – St John’s University

Miracle Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Suffolk County

Ride For Life-Sean Bowler Memorial

LIMLF – Long Island Lacrosse Bridge Programs

Brighter Tomorrows, Inc.

Back In The Game (part of Miracle Foundation in conjunction with Winthrop Hospital and the Cancer center for Kids)

New Life Center, Inc.

YMCA Of North Shore (Danvers, Massachusetts)

Christo Rey High School (Manhattan, New York)

Viscardi Center

Positive Influnces, Inc.

A.L.S. Family Charitable Fund

Beginning A New Life

Previous Scholarship Recipients

Over $110,000 in scholarships awarded to date!

Please have any interested students fill out and return the scholarship application: JTS Scholarship Application ECCF – 2019 (1)

 Since the inception of the JTS Foundation the following Long Island student-athletes attending a four-year college or university have been awarded academic scholarships:

Marigo S. Mihalos               Nicole E. Abramowski                    James M. Kelly

Danielle A. Sganga              Megan M. Murphy                          William H. Rebman

Robert M. Rooney               Anthony S. Iannello                       Jamie-Ann Piccola

Justine Donodeo                 Morgan O’Reilly                              Justin Gill

Kyle Rebman                       Karley M Malenczak                       William J. Murphy

Dylan Larkin                        Timothy J. Lang                              Lorraine Rose Hodgson

Thomas J. Lennon              Madison Rae Tare                           John Kyle O’Reilly

Taylor K. Mills                     Salvatore N. Esposito                      Kyle M. Larkin

Justine M. O’Reilly              Michael D. Aronow                         Stephanie Browne

James Connelly                   Lauren Russell                                 Alyssa Gillespie

Chris Hagerman                  Zach Flynn

How You Can Help

Please contact us at jtsfoundation14@gmail.com if you have any suggestions for future donations.